HVAC Career Training with Change Course

Administrative Assistant

Career Details

An Administrative Assistant is responsible for supporting an administrative professional to help them stay organized and complete tasks that allow them to focus on more advanced responsibilities. Some core duties include organizing meetings, answering the phone, greeting office visitors, scheduling appointments, and composing documents on behalf of Administrators.

This 60-hour course consists of office skills training and hands-on computer training. You will learn techniques for working in teams, effective written and verbal communication skills, customer service skills, telephone etiquette, and techniques to support multiple people, review business math basics and build on your skills in Windows, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you’re ready for this career path, you can become an administrative assistant in 6 months or less.

Examples of companies hiring this career path:

  • Educational Testing Service
  • Marriott
  • Farm Service Agent
  • Orchard Place
  • Iowa Primary Care
  • Wells Fargo

Program Specifics

  • Totally free certification training
  • Personal and professional development
  • 1-on-1 career coaching
  • Alumni program for long-term support

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A better future awaits our leaders after they complete their chosen six-month career training program. Change Course offers 35 life and career skills that can be adjusted according to the need of the Des Moines area job market. Our corporate partners keep us informed of the skills they look for in good job candidates as their needs change.