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We believe that transformation from seemingly hopeless situations can happen when a safe, loving environment is provided. That’s the heart of Change Course. We also believe that it takes an army to change a community. That’s why we started the 100 at 100 program. 100 supporters pledging $100 a month* to support and sustain the work we do every single day. But unlike many nonprofit organizations, when you join the growing list of supporters in the 100 at 100 program, you become a shareholder in the mission of Change Course. Immediately after signing up, you will begin receiving exclusive mailings, a 100 at 100 newsletter, swag, an invite to a thank you event at the end of the year, and more. You will also have the option to be listed on our physical 100 at 100 donor list at our office, as well as listed and thanked on social media and our website list (You also have the option to stay anonymous). There are so many exciting things planned at Change Course, and you will get a chance to stand on the front lines with us as we witness change happen one life at a time.

*$100/month for a full year

Here’s how to get started:

  • Click “Join the 100” below and fill out the information on the form.
  • Choose a donation commitment: $100 monthly or $1200 for the year.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with next steps in your new mission!
  • Wait patiently for your physical packet and swag. We will be in touch!
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Change Course is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.
Your donation is deductible to the full extent of the law.

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Kim SmithBoard Member

Kim L. Smith grew up in the Des Moines area and has practiced law in West Des Moines for over 30 years. He also spent over 5 years with an international CPA firm. He is President of K. L. Smith, P.C., a successful law firm that handles tax planning and compliance, estate planning and documentation, and helps small businesses in planning and organization.

He and his wife, Carol, enjoy time with their 2 children and 3 grandchildren, who all live nearby. They also assist their parents, who also live in the area.

Kim is on the Board of Hope Ministries. He volunteers on the worship team at church also sharing his love of singing with local assisted living centers. He also enjoys playing tennis.

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Thomas BudlerBoard Member

Tom Budler retired from the Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company family of businesses in February 2022 after 35 years of service. Tom worked for MidAmerican Energy Company for 25 of those years in various capacities including generation construction and operations, gas and electric operations, and wind generation development, construction, and operations. In 2012 Tom transitioned to BHE Renewables, LLC where he was responsible for growing its nationwide wind generation portfolio. In 2015 he also assumed additional responsibility to initiate, grow and manage BHE Renewables’ tax equity investment portfolio.

Tom has been married to his wife Cindy for 25 wonderful years and they reside in Norwalk, Iowa. He is a member of Valley Evangelical Free Church and volunteers regularly with the Hand-In-Hand Special Needs Ministry and the Valley Disaster Relief team.

Jerry & Nancy FosterBoard Members

Jerry and Nancy Foster have been married for 44 years and reside in Des Moines, Iowa. They have four children and numerous grandchildren.

Jerry is the founder of Foster Group, which is a wealth management firm, serving over 1,500 families and organizations. He is also the author of LifeFocus; Achieving a Life of Purpose and Influence. Nancy has dedicated her life to pouring into her family and mentoring women all over the world.

Together, Jerry and Nancy spoke with FamilyLife marriage conferences for over 22 years. They’ve also been involved in the development of a sustainable economic and personal development model in El Rosario, Guatemala with several other couples. They are passionate about helping change the paradigm for others and creating sustainable life change.

Karin JohnsonChange Course Director of Programs & Board Member

Karin and Joseph have been married for 42 years with four kids and six grandchildren. Karin was a gymnastics coach for 25 years with a passion to help young people achieve their goals through structure and hard work. Her love for the kids made her very successful in developing very competitive teams.

Responding to a conviction that the next generation of leaders needs to understand how to use the bible as their guide, Karin began teaching a weekly millennial generation bible study over 15 years ago which still continues today.

Using her gifts of teaching and mercy, Karin has counseled women and struggling marriages for many years after experiencing many challenges in her own family from marriage struggles to family member addiction, recovery, and incarceration.

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Change Course is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.
All donations are deductible to the full extent of the law.

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